The role of a School Principal is to lead, direct and co-ordinate the multifaceted activities of different participants in the Governance of the institution. We have developed Principals Diary to help the Principals to plan and implement academic/nonacademic  responsibilities in a professional way.

Principal’s Diary renders a helping hand to Principals who are new to the System in School administration. The diary is an enabler, of  a good rapport between the Principal, Staff and Management. The diary equips him/her to implement effectively all that was planned to be done. Important features are given below.

  • Monthly Planner for June 2022-April 2023
  • School Information A-Z;
  • Formats & Annual Calendars
  • Letter Formats;
  • Important circular download details
  •  CBSE Innovations
  • Rate: ₹1000 per copy
  • Useful for Principals,Vice Principals,Managers and Administrators.