Revision Test Series – XI & XII
Revision Test will help the students to revise the entire syllabus and to improve their performance. This test also helps the students for better time management and boost the confidence. We conduct revision test series for class IX, X & XII students during December-January. Tests are of 1 hr duration. For each test there will be two set of questions Set A and Set B.

Each subject is divided into 5 units, A total of 5×5 = 25 tests. A student will get 25 × 2 = 50 question papers.
Class XII Revision Test starts on November 17 and ends on December 09.
Class X Revision starts on December 11th and ends on January 21
Rate: Class IX & X,  ₹ 200 per student
(For one subject  ₹ 40/-)
Class XII   250 per student (For one subject   ₹50/-)
Answer key for teachers will be send through Email.
To book the ₹ order please click the link below and download the order form & send it through email id