For Class I-VIII, School has to conduct half yearly and yearly exam. Half yearly(Term 1) exam should be conducted in October and Yearly Exam in March. We supply question papers for Half yearly and Yearly Examination.

  • For class VI-VIII, Exam will be 80 marks and 2hrs
    duration. for Class I-V, exam will be of 2 hrs and
    40 marks, Rate: For  Class VI-VII Rs  ₹50/-(Rs  ₹10 per
    subject) for one Term.For two term  ₹50 x 2=Rs  ₹100/-
    Subject offered English Hindi,Science, Social
    Science & Mathematics
  • For Class III-V.Rs  ₹40/-(Rs  ₹10 per subject) for one
    Term. For two terms ₹ 40 x 2=Rs  ₹80
    Subject offered English, Hindi, Mathematics,EVS
  • For Class I-II Rs  ₹24/- (Rs  ₹8 per subject) For one
    Term. For Two terms  ₹24 x 2= ₹48
    Subject offered: English,Hindi,Mathematics
  • 10% discount is allowed.

Question paper are based on NCERT Text books.